Apple Watch 2 to get a 35% battery capacity increase

Upcoming Apple watch 2

The popular chinese social media site Weibo, leaked what Apple has installed for us on their upcoming Apple Watch 2. That is to be released on September 7, about 8 days from now.

Here are the leaks,

The upcoming Apple watch 2 will still be retaining the original 'Watch 2' design, and will be coming in a 38 and 42mm flavours.

Also, the upcoming smartwatch will be featuring a GPS Radio and a more enchanced Processing capabilities. The new smartwatch has now got a 35% increase in it's battery capacity, then it used to be 246mAh battery but now, 334mAh.

Furthermore, It will be running on WatchOS 3, and Yes! That's what we have been able to get our hands-on during the leaks.

To recall, Apple watch 2 or likely Watch S, will be made official on September 7 at a Special Apple event, complementing the new iPhone 7 series.

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