Google Duo hits over 5 Android million downloads in a week

Google's new video call app now hits 5 million, I mean 5,000,000 downloads on Android in just a week of it's launch. This is massive! I can't still believe this, but it's damn true.

Google's Duo now has around 5 million downloads

Yesterday, by 8:45pm Google's Founder Sundar Pichai shared this achievement on Twitter saying;

"Google Duo now over 5M Android downloads in a week"

Though! The app listing via download counter still ranges it's installs by 1M - 5M, but since this info was made by no one order than the Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai then we will try not give this a second doubt.

You still haven't installed the Google Duo app on your Android Smartphone?
Then read this: Google Duo app now ranks #1 in the US

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