How to boost your 2go star to Black Diamond

2go is a popular messenger that connects you to your friends, family and also new people via 2go Group. This messenger app is common to Teenagers, always trying to boost their 2go star progress, level and Rank to the Top Star, which is now Black Diamond.

Boost your 2go star to black diamond

Years ago, it is used to be just 'Ultimate' but 2go has finally stepped up their Game, because they discovered many users has reached the top star, ultimate and have left 2go for other apps. The Star progress is the main reason Teens are still freaked out about 2go, they are always trying to be active or online overnight, just to boost their star level.., That's why i have decided to share with you some tips and tricks to help, boost your 2go star level to Black Diamond.

As for some blogs, You will see "Boost your star level to Black Diamond in just 7days" but that's impossible, so don't be fooled by that! Boosting your star level takes time and patience, because the higher your rank the more harder it seems to boost your star level.., It might even take months or even years to boost your star level from Novice to Ultimate, but if you consistently follow my tips, I can assure you that, it will take just about 8months to be Black Diamond User.

Benefits of having your star level at Black Diamond
  1. You rank first at every group chat and 2go rooms
  2. Your star rank will be displaying 2go official when it's viewed for a very long time
  3. It shows your senority on 2go. This simply makes you the oldest on 2go
  4. You earn more respect from newbies
  5. You become an official on 2go
How to boost your 2go star rank to Black Diamond
Below are tips to that help to boost your star level and will eventually become a Black Diamond User, which makes you a 2go official.
  • Always be active on 2go for about 12-15 hours everyday, either online, away, or offline
  • Always leave your account active overnight
  • When you are busy ond you don't want to chat on 2go. Always pretend as if you are typing or writting to a friend, and don't send the message. Just kep the live chat active. This trick makes 2go feel you have been chatting non-stop for hours
  • Always purchase Go-credits and stay active at Group chats, or 2go rooms
  • Update your status 30-35 everday, and as for the pics upload you change it 10-20 times everyday
  • Always share files to your friends i.e images, ebooks, zip files, xml, txt files and other things.
Yeap! That's how to boost tour 2go star rank from Novice, Amateur, Senior, Enthusiast, Professional, Expert, Leader, Veteran, Master, Ultimate, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire to Black Diamond rapidly.

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