How to know who called you (Missed calls) when phone Switched OFF on MTN Free via Sms alert

MTN Who called with Notify me

MTN recently introduced a new package that let's you know calls you missed, when your phone was down, switched OFF or unreachable. And we're talking about 'MTN's Who called and Notify Me' service plan.

This package on MTN sends you an sms message on calls you recieved, when you phone was switch off, down or not available.

The sms message looks like this:
"Y'ello! You have 1 missed call from +23408011111115 recieved at: 9:30:05 11:12:10"

Also, this package notifies you when you call a number, and it wasn't available at that moment. It sends an sms message to tell you when the number, is now active or reachable. You'll recieve a message like this;
"Y’ello! +23480111111111 is now available. You may now dial the number."

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How to activate MTN's Who Called You with Notify Me Service Package Free

Simple! You will have to choose between this packages,

*MTN Who called
*MTN Who called with Notify me

How to activate MTN who called plan for free

Text SET 02 to 100 via sms message

How to activate MTN who called with Notify me plan for free

Text SET 01 to 100 via sms message

That's all! You can also check to ensure if the service has been activated on your MTN line. Simply text STATUS to 100, and you will get a service reply saying;
"Y’ello! 803xxxxxxx request to activate Who Called Service was successful. Thank you."

If you want to deactivate this service, simply text DELETE to 100, and you will recieve a messge like this;
"Y’ello! 08031111111 request to deactivate Who Called service was successful.", and that's all.

*.You will not receive missed call alerts from callers who have with
held their caller identity.

*.You are not required to activate Voice Mail to use MTN Who Called and Notify Me services.

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