How to upload videos to youtube with a mobile phone using opera mini

Youtube on mobile phones

Youtube is the world's second most popular search engine, after Google. It hits more than 900 million+ viewers, per month and it is a medium, that allows you to watch your favourite celebrities, tv shows, live all from your phone.

Today, I will be tutoring on how to upload youtube videos from your mobile phone using operamini. Many of you, might think this is impossible on the mobile platform, but nothing is impossible in the world of technology, on this blog

After, you might have goten the video you want upload on youtube, launch your operamini, but if you don't have it on phone, download the suitable version of operamini for your device, here.

Operamini on mobile phones

Now, launch and install your operamini on your mobile phone, and visit to get started.

I Guess you're already on youtube upload page, but still wondering where to find the upload navigation button, lol. You won't see that now, it is only the word "loading...." that is displayed at the top page of youtube upload page for mobile viewers.

Now Hold * and 0 to enable the "Single Column View" feature or you can also enable that, via the settings option on your opera browser.

Then wait for it to reload the youtube upload page, and bam! You will see the upload tab that you have been searching on youtube.., Only God knows when you've been searching for that, but anyway, let's continue.

After, you might have found or seen the upload button, just locate and choose the video you want to upload from your phone's folder, and hit on the upload button to start uploading the video to youtube.

NOTE: The size of the video will determine the speed at which it uploads, So I'll sugest you choose a video with a low size i.e 3MB, so you can easily get done, with the upload process or else you might get extremely bored while uploading, lol.

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