Latest Tweakware settings for Glo 0.00k Free browsing with less or no disconnection

Latest Glo free browsing with 0.00k

Y'ello, we are here again with something more interesting, the answer and solution to the question that has been on the mind of every Glo user in Nigeria, I mean the fans of freebrowsing. And thats "How can i boost and Stop Glo internet connection from disconnecting, while browsing free with 0.0k", and we have got a trick to help boost your connection via Tweakware.

Besides, the psiphon and QueenCee Vpn settings are still working perfectly on Glo and Etisalat, but Glo seems to have issues breaking out when connectied, unlike etisalat that works perfectly with disconecting at all. And the Network connection is a very important requirement for free browsing with 0.0k.

How to boost and stop your Glo 0.00k free browsing from disconnecting


#1. Make sure your Glo account balance is 0.0k, I mean 0.00 kobo.

#2. Ensure your 3G Network is steady, or else it will surely disconnect while using the Tweakware - Take note, this is very important.

#3. Active PAYU Subscription, and you may ask how do i sub. For Pay As You Go? Simply text PAYU to 127.

#4. A must! Download the QueenCee Vpn app here. Yeap! That's all that is required for this operation.

Access Point Name (APN) Settings

- Name: Glo
- APN: glounlimitedzone
- APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
- Proxy: leave it blank
- Port: leave it blank
- Username: leave it blank
- Password: leave it empty

Latest Glo 0.00k Free browsing Settings for August/September 2016

Firstly, Download the Latest Tweakware v3.5 .apk .

Then after Installation, Launch the app, and let's get started.
Now goto settings, and click on Bundled settings, there you will see 'Enable Bundle settings', mark it and then select Bundle settings to choose the available Free browsing option. Choose and Select (NG Glo) #0.0kb, then apply the tweak below;

Go back to Settings, then Click Server Settings, and again click Connection Mode Options.

There select HTTP Host, and replace to

Now, Go back to the Tweakware app's menu, and select free server as your acct type, if you don't have a premium account. Then finally, you can hit the Connect button, to start browsing free at 0.00k and experience less or no disconnection on Glo. Chikina!

I hope this article was helpful to you, and if it was, share it your social network friends, and also comment. Thanks!
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