New way to send Free Sms with 0.00k on MTN to other MTN subscribers

Good day fans! Have you always wanted to send an Sms message for free? And yet, you still charged N4.00 on MTN? Yes! It happens all the time, most especially when you want to send a very short sms like "XUP", "Good Morning" and you are still charged the same amount with people that sends about 500 words-long sms messages, LOL. That's MTN for you.

Send sms free on MTN with 0.00K

Today, I come with a solution to those 'wishes' for Free Sms at 0.00k. This trick months ago, about 2 or 3, brought the Free MTN calls trick to all networks, I called upto #5,000 worth of charge but it was Free!.

Introducing the MTN Biz Plus Tarrif plan, a prepaid plan that offers lower and better pricing for Gsm voice, data and sms. And now with this plan, we have figured a loop that makes you send sms for free! To any Mtn customer for 0.00k. Yes!

New Way to send Sms Unlimitedly for Free at 0.00k to any MTN subscriber via Biz Tarrif Plan

Firstly you will have to migrate from your existing tarrif plan to MTN Biz plan, by dialling *460*2# and If successful, you will get a service reply saying;

You have Successfully migrated to MTN Biz Plus - the Voice, Sms, Mobile data bundle designed for Business. Dial *460*2# to purchase a bundle now

Yeap, that's it. Now goto your Sms box and type the Sms you want to send, and when you're done typing. Goto your phone's dialer (contacts) to select the MTN number you wanna text, now hit on the send button, and the message will cost just 0.00k Free! That's all, you can now send messages to any MTN customer unlimitedly for Free at 0.00kobo.

NOTE: When your 'non-visible' sms balance exhausts, you won't be send Free sms again, but you can continue/re-active, by keep dialling *460*2#, and when it stops again dial *460*3#. The more you dial the longer it takes for it to stop, I mean the more dials, the higher your 'non-visible' sms balance. LOL!

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