Three days after stopping trending description, Facebook is already trending fake news

Three days ago, Facebook stopped people from writting descriptions for Trending topics, reason best known to them. They left the Trending post to their almighty algorithm, robot-like to weigh and rank post according to their popularity. And Just three days of use, the system is already posting fake news? That's odd and weird! Because it would have been better if Facebook, left that to Humans to handle and not their robots.

Three days after the change in policy, Facebook algorithm choose to post a fake and, a very untrue news on the Trendings topics, about "Megyn Kelly", reffering to;

Fox news personally as a Traitor, and also claimed that the cable channel has Kicked her out for backing Hillary.
And that's just so untrue.

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According to Washingtonpost, 'Twitter mentions' the article to be ranked top at the Headlines, for some couple of hours before it was taken down at 9:30 am.

This was what it looked like when you search for 'Megyn Kelly' on Facebook headlines

Fake news on facebook headline about Megyn Kelly

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