Unlimited Free Browsing on Glo & Etisalat with 0.0k via QueenCee VPN

Good fans! Alot of us have almost left Etisalat with nothing, using the Psiphon tweak and it's still working perfectly. But, as for Glo, hmmm! Their network server is very poor and sometimes, quite frustrating because it disconnects alot! While browsing, most especially when using a freebrowsing tweak like this.

Today, I come with a solution to Glo's problem, and that's 'Disconnection', Yes! If you've been browsing on Glo, you must have withnessed this alot of times, but that ends today, at wetechng.blogspot.com

Introducing QueenCee VPN v6 ultra Lite, and I guess you must have heard it, and if No! I will be talking alittle about it.

QueenCee vpn app tweaks

What is the QueenCee Vpn used for, and what does it do?

The QueenCee Vpn app is similar to other popular vpn apps like, Psiphon, Syphon Shield, Psiphon A+ and alot of them. I guess this is already getting familar? Yeap. The QueenCee Vpn is used to bypass, and keep network server restriction mute, to give you access to blocked, forbidden and also free websites. That's all you should know about the app, and isn't that cute? LOL :)

Let's get started! What are the requirements needed for Free Browsing on Glo with 0.0k via QueenCee vpn ?

#1. Make sure your Glo account balance is 0.0k, I mean 0.00 kobo.

#2. Ensure your 3G Network is steady, or else it will surely disconnect while using the QueenCee - Take note, this is very important.

#3. Active PAYU Subscription, and you may ask how do i sub. For Pay As You Go? Simply text PAYU to 127.

#4. A must! Download the QueenCee Vpn app here. Yeap! That's all that is required for this operation.

How to set-up and browse unlimitedy for free on Glo with 0.0k via QueenCee Vpn

After installation of the vpn app, Launch and configure it as follow;

Glo free browsing settings for September/October 2016

- Proxy Type: Real Host
- Proxy Server: http://redirect.glo.com/glomms@
- Tick remove port
- Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
- Real Proxy port: 80

Then save the settings, and Immediately you will be bumped to a page, requesting you "Tunnel whole app". Just tap on the option, to be able to use all app's on your phone while browsing.

Now tap on the Option Menu, there you will be able to select and choose your Region location.

Select United State, as your region and then goto the More Option Settings to untick 'connect through HTTP Proxy'.

Now go back to QueenCee vpn's main menu, and finally, hit the connect button to start browsing free at 0.0k on Glo usng any app, which includes the internet browser, social messengaging app, or any app that requires internet permission to work. Yaga!

Now it's time to power your Etisalat network, or don't you? Lol, I was just kidding. Read on.

How to set-up and Browse Unlimitedly free at 0.0k via QueenCee Vpn on Etisalat

Use the Etisalat default Access Point Settings (APN), it should be something like this,

- APN: etisalat
- Username: Empty
- Password: Empty

Now launch your Psiphon handler via QueenCee, and configure as below;

-_Proxy Server Type: Real Host
-_ProxyServer: ent.nxtfwd.com/s /d/etisalat_ng#openmodal
- _Real Proxy Server Type: Inject
-_Real Proxy Server:
-_Port: 8080

Now tap Save, and Immediately you will be prompted to 'Tunnel whole device', just hit on that button to Tunnel Whole app for-use, while browsing. We are not done yet!

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Now Click the Option Menu, there you will be able to Choose and Select your Region location.

Hit and select Netherlands as your region, and goto the More Option Settings, to untick 'connect through HTTP Proxy' .

Yeap! Now go back to the main menu page of QueenCee Vpn, and finally hit the connect button to start browsing unlimitedly at just 0.0k on Etisalat. Ya! You can now use all app's on your phone, which includes the internet browser, social messenger or any app that requires internet access to function, but you will have to wait for some few seconds to get it all turned up and ready for use.

Note: You may have to wait for about 30 minutes, for the QueenCee Vpn to connect.

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