Facebook Messenger now reminds friends They Owe You Money

You owe me money on facebook messenger

Facebook has never stopped rolling out new updates to make the platform more sociable and interesting.

Again, they is a new feature on the Messenger that reminds your friends they owe you money, and the other way round (vice versa).

The Messaging app, now takes the words and phrase "you owe me" or "IOU" very sensitive, as it is a keyword that prompts users to make payments almost immediately on that spot, without the user having to do some extra processes.

If you take a look at the above screenshot, you will notice that when the person said "you owe me", there was a clickable link to make transfer on the recipient chat list. That link is a direct one for immediate payment.

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I must say, the feature is quite useful and impressive, and now, "no room to say i forgot i am owing you", because thats a lie, and no one will fall for that any longer.

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