Swap and upgrade your MTN Sim to enjoy MTN 4G LTE - See How to

How to swap and upgrade MTN Sim to 4G LTE suported sim - Buy MTN 4G LTE Data - Price of MTN 4G LTE data

Since the beginning of this year, MTN has started offering 4G LTE services to their customers, thanks to the acquisition of Visafone earlier than this year. The 4G Network runs on Band 7 (2,600mHz) services..., But it doesn't come automatic with your usual MTN sim card.


In this article, I will be tutoring you on how to swap and upgrade your MTN Sim to be able to use the 4G LTE Network on your 4G supported phone.

Like i said earlier, the 4G LTE Network doesn't come (or is not embedded) in the usual MTN Sim, so their is need for an upgrade. But before then, you might want to check if your phone and SIM is 4G supported, who knows? Your's might come automatically 4G enabled. Lol! I was just kidding.

How to check if your MTN Sim and Phone is 4G ready

MTN has a short-code to help confirm if your phone is 4G supported, likewise your SIM card.

Text 4G to 131

You will recieve an sms, saying;

Yello! Your device is 4G ready but you need to upgrade your Sim to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. Please visit the nearest MTN Store or Partner retailer for a SIM Swap.

The Sms message has said it all, but i might've to break it down a little bit.

When you recieve such message after sending the short-code that confirms your device is 4G enabled , and Sim is 4G "wanting".

How to Upgrade and Swap your MTN SIM for a 4G LTE Supported one (SIM)

Visit any MTN Office or Store closest to you. Or, to swap your sim, visit any MTN Partner retailer.

Yes, and that would be all!

Features of MTN 4G LTE

- 2,600mHz supported
- Fast browsing
- High speed downloading
- Stable video streaming
- Fast responds to online games

*.MTN 4G LTE Internet Data Plans, with their Price and Subscription codes

*.RESULT: MTN 4G Lite Network compared to NTEL 4G

Happy 4G LTE browsing on MTN..

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