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Good day bloggers! This article is dedicated to all MyWapBlog bloggers most especially. I know how it feels, I've alot friends too - Which MyWapBlog closure will affect badly as a blogger targeted to Mobile.


Yes! MyWapBlog has been in existence since 2008, about 16 years ago, and no one ever saw this coming - By the 15th of November 2016, MyWapBlog will be shutdown. So Sad!

That's the major reason why alot of bloggers start with a custom domain (.com, .net, .org et.c), at the early scratch of thier blogging career. Becuase no one can tell or knows when this companies might want to move or stop hosting thier platform.

Anyways', About yesterday on the Internet, I discovered a new and better host for blogging, and it's also targeted to mobile, so, that means you can create a blog straight-away from your Mobile phone. Yes, I am damn serious.

When MyWapBlog announced thier closure, alot of bloggers even I was very confused beacuse wetchng photos are hosted on MyWapblog, and for other reasons to other MyWapBlog bloggers is that,

*. wasn't built for Mobile but for desktop users. You can't manage a blogger blog fully, without been limited to some certain features like editting of template, moving gadgets, editting settings on your Mobile phone. It's very frustrating and that's what am experiencing now using blogger on my mobile phone, am not even able to upload pics, oh my God! It's irritating, but....., 'I trust blogger alittle bit, because it has been around for a long-time and that's what "big-gals-and-guys" in the blogging industry made-it big-from and still use it, talking of the likes of Linda ikeji, Laura, naijatechguide, and alot of them. That's why i trust blogger, maybe a little bit. Lol!

Let's cut the long-story-short, earlier yesterday on the net, I discovered a new blogging platfrom that was launched early-2016, around January, in name of

At first i was like, 'Another trash,' but i was wrong. allows you to create a Mobile responsive blog for free, and also, you get to chat with other users in their community. That's fun and it will also go along-way in helping you communicate and interact with other bloggers like you in their community.

Having said that, supports File Manager, so, you get to upload about anything, starting from photos, vidoes, musics, games, apps, files and almost anything, as far as it's in a supported format (RAR, ZIP, PDF, TAR, ICO, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, 3GP, MP3, AMR, MP4, AVI, MPG, WAV, AAC, THM, JAR, JAD, APK, CAB, COD, SIS, SISX, EXE, NTH, THM, CSS, TXT, XML), it will be just-fine.

Furthermore, I also went to totally convince myself by creating a blog hosted on, and this is was what i got, Even without any basic coding knowledge, you can still operate the blog and it has got an in-built design that when you create a blog, it automatically gets the host-template-design.

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Yes viewers, what do you all think about this? Because as for me, I feel this will help alot of bloggers who had to migrate from MyWapblog due to the closure and are on Mobile devices. Instead of going-for a platform that doesn't support their device, all because they have no choice. Now, you do have a-choice with Hope this helps?

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