New Imei Tweak to get free Airtel 5GB Data for One month

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Tweakers it's time you get ready to start snapping your fingers, and this one your time gets you free 5GB worth of Data valid for 30 days.

Airtel free 5GB

Firstly, do you know How to tweak imei's? No?? Then you'll have to waste precious time learning how to tweak - when others are already tweaking and this reduces your chance and increases the maths of getting an un-used imei number. This is what happens when you don't stay tuned at

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Now that you can tweak imei, tweak this imei;

Incase, if you have forgotten it's only the last-five-digits that are tweaked, in other words, it's only the last five that are changed. Ok?

Now, How do i get Airtel free 5GB after Tweaking.

But before then, this are what you need,
1. An Airtel Registered SIM card (a new one works best)

2. An Android Smartphone, but after tweaking you can use it on any internet enabled phone.

Now that you've goten all that and have already tweaked an Imei, send the tweaked IMEI to 232. Like this,
S861143032399561 to 232.

I hope you're following me? Those digits are my own tweaked imei. So tweak yours and send. Ok?

After that, now, text JOIN to 141 and you should recieve an sms saying,
"Your have successfully been rewarded 5GB for 30days on activation of the Airtel Data Terminal."

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But that's only if your imei is un-used, and if it's used you will recieve an sms saying,
"You are not qualified to Join the Smartphone offer," and that means you've to tweak another imei and keep tweaking, till you eventually get yours.

We have come to the end of this article and I sincerely hope you get yours because alot of users are tweaking now as we speak and sorry to say, some selfish one's will even get the free 5GB data on every Airtel sim that comes their way.

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