List of Active & Stable IP Address for the New Airtel Free browsing with 0.00kb Tweak

Though, the Airtel free browsing with 0.00kb is still working, some users has been having some tough time connecting, while others, because it disconnects alot. Well, as for me, I haven't had any issues with it, am even using it now and it's working perfectly, honestly speaking.

However, in this article, I have come up with some few solutions to help resolve that issue, especially for those that complains it disconnects!

#1 Your account balance must be 0.00kb.
#2 Your account must be free from any active data bundle.
#3 Your VPN cache must be cleared.

Even with following all this precautions you still have issues, then I think it's because the IP you are using is been used by so many people (overcrowded), and this may have been the cause of those issues. From my discovery, when a alot of people share just one IP it's makes it slower and even unbearable for those who have poor network connection. Ok?

IP overcrowding

Now, all you have to do is change your IP address and the port to any of the ones we have listed below.

NOTE: Each IP Address below has it's own unique port.

List of Active & Stable IP Address for the New Airtel Free browsing with 0.00kb Tweak

IP ADDRESS => PORT => 8083 => 80 => 800 => 3128 => 8080 => 80 => 3128 => 8080 => 80 => 80 => 80 => 8083 => 1083 => 8080

For those who haven't goten the new Airtel free browsing cheat, then this is a

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Happy Free browsing!

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