Glo Subscribers can now browse on 4G LTE Band 3 (1800) Frequency

Am so delighted to announce to you that Glo has finally added Band 3(1800) to their 4G LTE Frequency.

Glo 4G LTE Band 28(700)

In Nigeria, most cheap Android smartphones do not support Band 28(700) and it is been a major challenge to Glo subscribers, because it's one thing to use a 4G-Enabled Android phone and it's another thing for your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to be in support with the phone's available 4G LTE Frequency. And that has been a major issue with Glo, unlike other ISP who already runs on Band 3(1800), the wildest 4G LTE Frequency, but Glo was still on Band 28(700) which was pretty frustrating!

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Anyways, those days are far over now because Glo subscribers can now browse on the same frequency (4G LTE Band 3(1800) ) as its counterpart!
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