How to easily get your National ID card in Nigeria

Getting your National Identification card in Nigeria can be a very daunting task, having to stay for hours on the queue and after all still not been attended to, it can really be frustrating! They have been instances where I had to take a day off from work hoping I would sacrifice that day to get my National ID card, and after hours on the queue and its almost getting to my name on their list of attendance, they would stop and postpone it till the next day! Most times I really felt like just beating the hell out of them!

By now you would be wondering the relevance of this post. I am writing this post to share my experience on how I got my National ID Card, hoping to tell you the requirements, the do's and the don't! Most especially for those of you in Lagos, you would relate more to this post because I registered and got mine in Lagos. But not withstanding! It's still Nigeria.

National ID card

How do you go about getting your National ID card?

The first and most important thing you will need are your means of identification, how can you be identified?

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You should have your Bank verification number (BVN) and any of the following means of identification to get started. The following identification are as follows:

*. Birth Certificate and a passport as a means of identification

*. LASTRA (Lagos State Residential Area) for those of you who resides in Lagos. If you are not in Lagos your state should properly have it's own means of identification

*. A Company ID card (The one with photo would be better)

*. NEPA Bill that has your name on it

*. Personalized ATM cards (it could be a MasterCard, Visa Card or a Verve Card) with your name on it. You also need come along with a passport photograph

*. Student ID Card (If you are student you can go with your ID card)

*. Drivers License

*. Voter's card ( Temporary or Permanent)

If you have any of the aforementioned means of identification then you are good to go! You would wondering what is need for all this, it is not as if they need it or are they are going to collect it from you, it's just needed as a means of identification! It's that simple!

Now that I have the required means of identification what do I do?

You goto any LGA (Local Government Area) nearest to you, and if you find it very hard to find one you can Google it or use Google maps to find your way to that place.

Now when do we go? As at the time I went for mine, the LGA around me registered people for National ID card only on working days. (Monday - Friday) On the day in which you have planned on going, I would strongly advice you leave your home as early as possible (maybe as early as 6am in the morning!) Is it not Nigeria? Because when you get there that place is queued up already.

In your Local Government Area, you will be given a National Identification Number (NIN) enrollment form for you to fill. After you must have filled the form with your correct data, your information will be inputed into the Enrollment Application. After the scanning, thumbprint and headshots, you will be given an Enrollment Transaction Slip asked to be returned anytime after two weeks; in which after the weeks you will go and collect your National Identification Number Slip (NINS)

Now you are good to go! You got your temporary National ID card already!! If you found this article informative and helpful use the share button below!
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