New updated List of all 4G LTE Band Frequency in Nigeria

MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, Etisalat, NTel, Smile, Swift, Spectranet 4G LTE Band Frequency in Nigeria

Most of the time when you have people really excited about a getting a new Android smartphone with 4G LTE, they don't make enquiries or look up the internet to know the available 4G LTE Bandwith Frequency on their Network Provider before buying the 4G Phone. I have come to discover that most people do this because they are ignorant about 4G LTE Bandwith Frequencies, I was once like that too and I am even still ignorant about alot of things though, but they say! "Everyday we learn!"

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When it comes to purchasing an Android phone that is 4G LTE enabled, you have to make enquiry on the available 4G Bandwith Frequency on the Smartphone before buying. Because most times, people buy Smartphones and later they come to discover that the Network Provider's 4G Bandwith Frequency is quite different from the list of available options on their newly acquired phone. With this, the Subscribers are not able to have a pretty wonderful 4G LTE experience, so we finally have come to a conclusion, when buying an Android phone (low end/cheap Android Smartphone most especially) you have to check for their 4G Bandwith Frequency and that of your Network Provider. You be wondering why I made mention of low end/cheap Android smartphone?

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Most of the cheapest Android Smartphones with 4G LTE in the market comes with lesser available 4G LTE Bandwith Frequencies compared to expensive Android Smartphones, which obviously comes with higher list of options regarding to Bandwith Frequencies! With Cheaper Android phones, the company is just all about making smaller budget phones have a test of high advanced technology, so users are not supposed to expect alot of features from those kind of smartphones, as they! "The higher your pay - the higher the phone Features."

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In this article, I have been able to come up with the latest list of all available 4G LTE Band Frequency in Nigeria, and I would be making some changes to this post as to when more Bandwith Frequencies are added to your Network Providers. But before we talk about the list of all available 4G Network Providers and their Bandwith Frequency,

What is 4G LTE and what experiences does it bring along with it?

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the fourth generation of telecommunications technology that comes along with faster data. On 4G LTE; You can download big files in minutes, stream endless videos without breaking in connection, play visual online games and alot more compared to it's predecessor, 3G - which was alot slower and unreliable compared to 4G Network!

Now let's know our 4G LTE Network Providers in Nigeria and the Bandwith Frequency that comes along with them.

List of all 4G LTE Bandwith Frequency in Nigeria

MTN 4G LTE Bands Frequency: This network has been around for quite a while now, and over the years they are have been known for their Speed and "Use Everywhere Network," unlike other Network Providers, I can undeniably say you can use your 4G LTE MTN SIM anywhere without having difficulties in connection. MTN 4G LTE comes with support for only band 7 (2600MHz) and 20(800MHz)

GLO 4G LTE Band: Glo (popularly known as the Grandmasters of data,) or as to what they call themselves. Glo 4G Network is very fast as supposed to your location and it is not as reliable as MTN (the use "Everywhere Network".) Every since the launch of 4G LTE in Nigeria, Glo subscribers have had issues with their band frequency (700MHz) as it is not common in Nigeria. But about recently, Glo extended their frequency to the populous and common band 3(1800MHz) which can be read here. Currently, Glo 4G LTE Band supports band 28 (700MHz) and band 3 (1800MHz).

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9mobile 4G LTE Band: 9Mobile (formerly Etisalat,) this Network is pretty fast and is available in most part of Nigeria (if not all the parts of Nigeria.) 9Mobile 4G LTE Network supports band 3 (1800MHz).

AIRTEL 4G LTE Band: Among its counterpart, Airtel were the last to extend 4G LTE, it even got to a point when the Subscribers wasn't too sure again if 4G LTE would ever be extended on its network. But here we are! Airtel 4G LTE comes with support for the populous band 3 (1800MHz).

NTel 4G LTE Band Frequency: NTel (formerly Nitel) is also one of the biggest 4G LTE Company in Nigeria. It comes with support for band 3 (1800MHz) and band 8 (900MHz).

SWIFT 4G LTE Band Frequency: Swift is one 4G LTE Company in Nigeria. It comes with support for band 40 (2300MHz)

SPECTRANET 4G LTE Band Frequency: Spectranet is one 4G LTE Provider with amazing Data Subscription rates. Spectranet just like any other major network provider comes with only support for one band, band 40 (2300MHz).

SMILE 4G LTE Band: This is yet another 4G LTE Provider that keep us smiling. It comes with support for band 20 (800MHz).

So by now you should be familiar with all 4G LTE Network band frequency in Nigeria, and as well, you now that you should make enquires about your choice Smartphone band frequency and that of your Network (in which you should already know you.) Thank you for reading! Please do share and drop your comments if you have any questions, am most honored to answer!
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