Telegram unveils new features to make chat more easier and convenient

Telegram recently unveiled some really cool features on it messaging app to make sending and receiving messages alot easier and convenient! This feature is turning up on it's competitors, most especially the biggest messaging platform, WhatsApp. It has got fans really talking and pondering, saying could this be Telegram's breaking point in becoming the next big thing?

Telegram has over 200 million fans and recently they unveiled quite a number of features; the 'one feature' which allows users to send messages without disturbing the receiver is really intriguing, that feature is one that really stands out! You don't have to disturb people at certain hours of the day with your message notifications, you now have the option to silently send messages to people, not just individuals but also in group chats and conversations!

How does this Telegram feature work! ? How do I silently send messages to people? It's simple... Keep reading!

When you want to send a message to someone all you have to do is hold on to the send button and it instantly becomes a silent message. Usually when you want to send a message you just tap on the send button, but this time to send a silent message you will have to put that tiny little hands of yours on the send button a bit longer! (Hahaha)

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Here's a full list of all Telegram's new features

  • Silent message:Allows users to send messages without disturbing the receiver
  • Slow mode: This one works on groups to help slow down chat a bit, so one person isn't talking or has more preferences than the other. It's kinda equal! This feature comes with a timer that allows users to send a message per interval depending on the timer set. This feature helps to reduce spammy messages and in the other hand it also makes every message by a user in the group thoughtful, in the sense that its not almost immediately passed off to the next message.
  • Admin Titles: If new time-lord powers aren't enough, group owners can now set custom titles for admins like ‘Noise Maker’, ‘Slow Poison’ or ‘Good Samaritan’.
  • Timestamps and Improved Scrubbing:  Videos now display thumbnail previews as you scrub through, to help you find the moment you were looking for.

  • Animated Emoji
  • Android's New Attachment Menu: Android’s attachment menu got a makeover, giving media more real estate. Larger thumbnails make it easier to pick photos and videos at a glance, and swiping up will reveal your full Gallery for better browsing.
  • Accent Colors for Night Mode on iOS: Apple users can now from a variety of colours for night themes.
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