How to be eligible for Airtel WinBack Data Offer and get 200MB for N100, 1GB for N200, 2GB for N500, 4GB for N1000

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Airtel WinBack Data Offer also known as Welcome Back Data Offer has been around for quite a while so I can't really say it's new on Airtel, but at the same time it isn't that old.

Airtel Welcome Back Data Offer is for all Airtel subscribers who hasn't recharged or used thier line or access the internet for a period of time (don't worry you will know how long as you read on). This service is a carbon copy of MTN Welcome Back Offer, talking of the data bundles, and even the eligibility. It's the same thing!

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Airtel WinBack Data Offer is Airtel's way of telling customers who has abandoned their SIM cards and made them dummant to get it back on track. You know what mean!

Airtel WinBack Data Offer

How to be eligible for Airtel WinBack Data Offer

Are you tired of using Airtel usual Internet data plans? Actually, who isn't. I myself, I am.

So here's the hack. If you want to be eligible for Airtel Welcome Back Data Offer you have got two options. If you have an Airtel SIM card that you haven't preformed any rechargeable transactions and used to access the internet for past 30 to 90 days; then your are eligible for this plan.

So what's the second option I am suggesting? If you want to be a part of this offer; you either get a new Airtel SIM card (or the one you are using), you will have to abandon it for the next 30 to 90 days. As when the time is due, your Airtel line will be automatically eligible for the Welcome Back Data Offer. As silly as this may sound, it's the only way to activate Airtel WinBack Data Offer Plan on your line.

Airtel USSD Code to Activate 4GB for N100, 2GB for N500, 1GB for N200, 200MB for N100

To subscribe for Airtel;

1. N100 / 200MB / 3 days.
2. N200 / 1GB / Weekly.
3. N500 / 2GB / 14 days.
4. N1000 / 4GB / Monthly.

Simply dial *141*241# and select the number of the any of the aforementioned data plans you want to subscribe for.

So after 30 to 90 days or infact how do you confirm if your Airtel SIM is eligible for this offer?

How to confirm if your SIM is eligible for Airtel WinBack Data Offer

For most of you having a second thought, "what if I recharge and this plan doesn't work for me, I don't want to waste my airtime." I absolutely understand you.

Here's a trick to confirm if truly your Airtel line is now eligible for the Welcome Back Data Plan.

Before recharging your Airtel line (maybe your account balance is not upto the certain amount to purchase any plan) try subscribing to any of the data offers, and if you receive a message saying: 
"Dear customer, you are not eligible to buy this data bundle. Please dial *141# to activateanother data bundle."
Then you are probably not eligible for this offer, so don't bother recharging your line because of this offer.

 But if you receive an SMS saying;  
"Dear Customer, you do not have sufficient airtime to buy this bundle. Please recharge and try again or Dial *500# to BORROW DATA and Pay Back Later."
Then you are eligible for this special plan. 

I hope this was helpful? Pls do share this to others, and if you have got anything you want to let us to know about this-offer, pls use the comment box. Enjoy!
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