How to be eligible for 9Mobile N200 for 1GB Data plan

Wooo woo! All network operators in Nigeria seems to be having one special data plan or the other, it's rear and mind blowing, I must say. You get 1 Gigabyte! worth of data for just 200 Naira, who would ever had believe this? I myself wouldn't have if only I had not had a taste of it.

Etisalat N200 for 1GB data plan

We all know it's cheap and all that, but it is a real pain in the ass after all these exictement and still, "the plan isn't eligible for your SIM". It's crazy right? I have had times where I recharged, hoping to subscribe to one of these so called "Special Data Plans" and after recharging trying to activate, I get the "You are not eligible for this plan " response. OMG! I wanna kill them for it, but anyways we won't be killing anyone here anytime soon.

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9Mobile N200 for 1GB Plan is also SIM selective, but! We have figured out a way to still subscribe and activate this plan on your ineligible 9Mobile SIM.

Now let's find out how to!...

How to be eligible for 9Mobile N200 for 1GB Data Plan?

It's quite simple! If you have ever received the message saying you are not eligible for the plan, then now all you have to do is to subscribe on weekends (which is from Friday evening to Sunday). The 9Mobile N200 for 1GB data plan is selective but only on weekdays (from Mon to Friday Morning), but during weekends it's 100% legit irrespective of the 9Mobile SIM or device you are using, you are good to Go!

What is the code to subscribe for 9Mobile N200 for 1GB Data plan?

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To activate this plan, simply recharge your 9Mobile line with N200 and dial *929*10#. To check your data, dial *228#. The 1GB data is valid for 3 days, but before I forget, you can subscribe as many times as you want! So with N1000 you get 5GB worth of data!! It's that simple.

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