How To Reverse your Airtel Data and get back your Airtime/Money

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As humans, mistakes are inevitable. There are many times we have made series of mistakes when it comes to purchasing of data, it is either we subscribe to the wrong data plan, or we even subscribe to the data plan voluntarily, and an event turns up and we are desperately in need of our money back. "Oh my God! What was I thinking when I subscribed to this plan, I should have done this or that." If you are currently faced up with this issue now, or you are just reading to know how to reverse (or get a refund) of your Airtime after subscribing to a data plan on Airtel, or you even wondering if this is possible. Then you are in luck!

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It so so real and possible with what we call, Airtel Reversal Data. Airtel Reversal is a feature on Airtel Network that allows you to reverse your Data and get back your Airtime within 24 hours. This feature makes it seem as if you didn't even subscribe for the plan at all in the first place. Now that you know what Airtel Reversal is all about, so how does it work?

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How To Reverse your Airtel Data and get back your Airtime

Within 24 hours, the exact day you made that purchase, all you have to do is dial *121*6#, and then select the amount of data that you purchased earlier and you want to reverse.

After this is done, within 24 hours of that same day your money/airtime will be refunded back to you and almost inevitably, the data which you purchased won't be left out, as it would be removed as well. Funny!

But to come to think of this, what if after you purchasing the data plan a little amount was used, even a tinniest atom of data, "Your money won't be reversed or refunded to you!" It's quite unfortunate. But that's not a problem, we have come up with a trick, so even when you have used a bit of the purchased data, it can still be reversed.

Airtel Reversal Data Cheat and Trick to still reverse your Data after it has been used

It has come to my notice that when you buy a certain amount of data, a little amount is removed so as to prevent you from reversing it. It's like when you buy 1GB (which is equivalent to 1024 MB,) you get 1000MB instead. In so doing, you won't be allowed to make a reverse, as you would be told that the you want to reverse has been data has been used. But that is not a problem!

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If you are in this shoe, then you will probably have to purchase another small data that will be added to the one purchased earlier. From the example I gave earlier, if you buy 1GB and 24MB is deducted, then you are left with 1000MB. So do you know what you going to do now, you will have to buy an additional 40MB that will added to your existing data making it now, 1040MB, it's even more than enough. In so doing, Airtel will think you have not touched the data you want to reverse at all. After purchasing the new data plan, I will strongly advice you switch off your data connection to avoid any deduction in your data.

You can subscribe to any of the data below depending on how much data was deducted from your line.

  • For 20MB: dial *141*50# (cost N50)
  • For 75MB: dial *141*200# (cost N100)

I hope this helps! If you have any complaints pls use the comment box I would be glad to help out. Don't forget to use the share button below!
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