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The Enemy I know movie Nollywood movie

For the past months, "The Enemy I Know" was one of the most anticipated movie in Nigeria. The movie's anticipation didn't come as a surprise to me, as the movie features the controversial 20 year old fast-rising actress, Regina Daniels.

"The Enemy I know" movie was launched in Cinemas in October 11 2019. According to Regina Daniel's mother, Rita Daniels, also the movie's producer, made known that they invested over 150 million Naira in the production and making of the movie, "The Enemy I Know".

So what's the gist and story about the movie, The Enemy I Know?

The Enemy I Know movie is directed by Ozoemena Nwakile and produced by Rita Daniels, the mother of Regina Daniels. The movie features Sola Sobowale, Side Kosoko, Desmond Elliot, Ken Erics, Brodda Shaggi, Tana Adelena, Woli Arole, the "soapy" crooner, Naira Marley, and of course, Regina Daniels.

The Enemy I know movie is all about a wealthy billionaire, Anthony Adewale (Jide Kosoko), who dies and everyone in the family wants a share out of the man's wealth.

Regina Daniels takes the part of the 25-years-old Zara, the lead role of the movie and the supposed heir to Anthony's property. As Anthony's death comes as a shock to his household, Zara is left to lead her father's business empire and at the same time handle her persistent lover, Richard (Ken Erics), who continuously asks for her hand in marriage. Well, let's see how the game plays out, and supposedly who turns out to be the true enemy after all.

As we all know, Richard, who is very much in love with Zara, makes extra effort in trying to persuade Zara to marry him, after been turned down for three times. This time, Zara pays for all tickets in the Cinema just to have an alone time with his love, and the most intriguing moment of all was to have "will you marry me?" popup on the Cinema's screen. How crazy is that? But unfortunately for him, he got the answer he had always received, "No!". She said she wanted their relationship to be where it is and she wasn't interested in marriage or been anybody's wife. So unfortunate for Richard I must say.

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As the story plays out in the movie, "The Enemy I Know", Sola Sobowale, the "known mother" of Zara, turns to be the Mastermind behind the misfortune of the family. It was later known that she planned with her lover, Damian (Desmond Elliot) to kill Anthony and also poison Zara. All in the name of inheriting the man's wealth to her self. Will she accomplish this evil mission of hers, or will she be exposed? Well, lets find out!

As the movie would have it, Zaran has an "unknown mother", Susan (Rita Daniels), who supposedly is Zaran's biological mother. Susan plays out to be a maid, a courageous one indeed. She makes all effort to truncate and expose Sobowale and Damian's plans. In her effort in bringing justice to play, Zara slapped Susan, unknown-to-her that was her monther. When she came to the knowledge that Susan was her mother, she regretted and was really sorry about that occurrence and she apologized.

Now what happens next?

Zara fakes her own death and to the her greatest suprise, her supposed lover, Richard didn't even show any sign of grief as for a person who had just lost someone he loves and really cares about. It seems that his proposed love to her wasn't genuine after all.

Zara reappears in the Anthony's mansion after a long while. Zara reappearance makes her seen as a ghost, prior to them her death was "faked".

In all, "The Enemy I Know" movie is thrilling story of love, betrayal and conspiracy that reaffirms that "Enemy you seek outside might even just be right in your home". Regina Daniel's movie, The Enemy I know is a must watch!
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