Google Blogger Version 3.0.1 New Features, Updates and Download link

Google Blogger latest version, Blogger v3.0.1 download link, new features, updates, hacks and tricks

Since it's first update in 2016, Google Blogger Android version finally gets an update, Blogger Version 3.0.1.

Few years ago, Google Blogger platform used to be a very big figure when it comes to creating blogs and sharing ideas.
I am looking for the best blogging platform for sharing my ideas, any help? Yes, try Google Blogger
That was how popular Blogger was back then. Not untill competitions like Social Media, WordPress, and Medium got people's attention. And in a twinkle of an eye, that was the end of Blogger! But anyways, it's still been appreciated and used by millions of people out there - I myself am a living proof.

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Blogger last version Blogger v3.0.1 design photos
Blogger version 3.0.1 new features
Image Source: Android Police

Blogger v3.0.1 update didn't introduce any major change in functionality. The new version instead focuses on the design layout of the Application. The new version doesn't still use Google's old "holo" design that has been used almost forever. We can new have a break from that crappy-old-design.

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On the previous version, Blogger Version 2.1.3, there was a warning note of incompatibility to newer Android versions. But not anymore! The new version, Blogger v3.0.1 can be used by any Android version, so you don't have to worry about seeing any device incompatibility warning like you used to. It's now "warnings free", if I may add.

Like I said earlier, there were no reasonable features added asides change in design. So if used Blogger v2.1.3 alot, you should have no problem still creating post, editting old posts, adding labels to post and embedding images. While for any more advanced features, like editting templates, or changing of the feel of how your blog looks like, then you probably have to use the web version.

Where to Download Google Blogger latest version, Blogger v3.0.1 App Apk

To download Blogger Version 3.0.1, it's simple. All you to do is head over to Google search and input "Download Blogger version 3.0.1", or click here.

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