How to change your MTN Customer Care Call Language Option to English

Earlier today (as at the time of writting this article), I wanted to speak to a customer care representative on my MTN line but I wasn't able to get through, not because my phone keypads were faulty, or rather because there was low network signal in my area, but it was because my launguage option wasn't English! And because of this, I wasn't able to locate the customer care representative option not until I had to use a friend's MTN SIM to call, or else I wouldn't have gotten through to a Customer Care Representative today. My language option was set to Hausa, and for crying out loud how am I suppose to understand Hausa when am not an Hausa person or rather a linguist?

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I know many Nigerians out there must have encountered issues likes this before, it might not be Hausa language this time, but maybe a language that they aren't so much conversant with (it could Yoruba, Igbo, Pidgin, or even English!)

Imagine a scenario, on a faithful day, you tried using the MTN Customer Care Call Service, 180, maybe because you were stuck on something and you wanted some clarifications, or you even over-scratched your MTN Recharge Card Pin and you wanted an immediate help on the customer care service. You call and what you hear is a language you don't understand. You begin to ponder how this language came about! It's ok, maybe you or probably someone you gave your phone to accidentally choose a new language. You know it can be very challenging to change back to your preferred language yourself?

So that's why I have got your back! In this article you are going to learn how to change your language option to English or your preferred language!

Code to press to change your MTN Customer Care Call Language to English or your Preferred Language

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When you dial 180 and you hear any language (English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Pidgin), just press/enter the following numbers in a 3 seconds interval.

What I mean by saying 3 seconds interval is that, when your press a particular number you will have to wait for three seconds or more before pressing the next number. Ok?

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Now you understand what I mean by 3 seconds interval. Let's proceed!

So when you call 180 and you hear a language you don't understand, wait for 3 seconds and press the number, 9 (which translates to "going to the main menu"), next, press the number, 4 (which translates to "change your language"). Finally, you can either enter any the following nunmbers to choose your preferred language. So after pressing 9 and 4, now;

  • For English press 1
  • For Hausa press 2
  • For Yoruba for 3
  • For Igbo for 4
  • For Pidgin for 5

So if you want to change to English language, within the 3 seconds interval, you press 9, 4 and 1.

I hope this helps?? Drop your comments below if you have issue, most importantly don't forget to share this to help others!
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