List of Top 61 Proxy Server Websites to keep you Anonymous on the Internet

Stay Anonymous with Proxy Servers

As at the time I wrote this article, I didn't really define what proxy server is, and some edge it offers over the usual internet user. Actually, back then, I didn't see any reason to shine more light about the use of proxy servers rather than just making a list of proxy servers that keeps you anonymous (or invisible, as they say.)

So what exactly are Proxy Servers?

Proxy servers stands as an intermediary (or you can say a a-middle-man) between you and the internet. It's more or less like your errand-boy, but a smart one indeed.

Proxy Server

Looking at it, when you use the internet you tend to make tons of requests and you as well get feedbacks to those requests. But have you ever stop to think of it, the data shared when I make those requests are there confidential? Even the response I get to those requests, are they 100% free from malicious virus? Infact, how would you know.

This where proxy servers comes in. When you make a request to a server, it doesn't just goto the server, it has to pass through the proxy server which filters your information and then sends it to the server. It's only that? No, way. How could that ever be what a proxy server does.

When the server receives the information from the proxy server, it sends a response back, the proxy server again receives the information and filters-it if any need may arise, then it's sent you. That's how it goes on and on and on.

Why do I need Proxy Servers, what are the features that comes along with using a Proxy Server?

As a student or person working in an organization, you might sometimes want to access some blocked sites that your school or company doesn't permit during work hours. Or you might even be a traveller, and the country you-are-in-now, you have been restricted from visiting some websites in your home town. So how do you go about it? We use proxy servers.

As the word proxy implies, it means "substitute". With proxy servers you can substitute your IP address or location, in general it keeps you safe.

With proxy servers you can trick a country to thinking that you are in that country, and believe me, when you visit a website restricted for other countries (or your country in general), you wouldn't be restricted.

Come to think of it, how does advertisers seems to display everything you want? Wake up man! You are been monitored. They know your likes and dislikes, they want you want and how you want it. But do you ever recall giving them right to monitor your data on the internet? Absolutely not! They are actually tampering with our rights, and is not right. But what can we do? You know that already. Proxy Server.

Now I guess you now know the reasons for using proxy servers and it's importance, and because of this we have been able to compile a list of 61 Proxy Server websites you can use to stay anonymous on the internet.

List of Top 61 Proxy Server Websites to keep you Anonymous on the Internet

1. Proxify

2. Free Open Proxy

3. Proxy 2014

4. Unblock YouTube Free

5. kProxy

6. BlewPass

7. Zfreez

8. 4everproxy

9. Unblock My Web

10. YouTube Unblock Proxy

11. Vtunnel


13. New Ip Now

14. Ninja Clock

15. AnonyMouse

16. AnonyMizer

17. Defilter

18. Free Proxy Server

19. Free YouProxyTube

21. Working Proxy

22. Free YouTube

23. HideOnline Proxy

24. Vobas

25. Vobas

26. Don’t Filter

27. Fast USA Proxy

28. YouTube Free Proxy

29. Proxyo

30. Rapid Proxy

31. Unblock YouTube Beat School

32. Hiding Your Info

33. Unblocker

34. Quickproxy

35. The Best Proxy

36. EXCS

37. Just Proxy

38. Proxy-2014

39. VPN Browse

40. ProxyOne

41. Web Proxy Free

42. Can’t Block This

43. Hide The Internet

44. Greatest Free Proxy

45. Proxay`

46. ViewTube

47. PRO Unblock

48. HideMyTraxProxy

49. Working Proxy

50. Star Doll Proxy

51. USA Proxy

52. Hidester

53. Proxysite


55. Kproxy

56. Hide My Ass

57. VPN Book


59. MegaProxy

60. Zend2

61. Croxyproxy

Yeah, I guess we have come to the end of the list of the 61 Most secured Free Proxy server websites for staying anonymous on the Internet. I hope this was helpful. If yes, then obviously it would be of help to others. Then you have to share this to them .

And remember, always stay safe and anonymous like we also do. Lol! Am out of here.
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