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Finally, finally! After so many long years, Blogger is now updating the Blogger Admin's panel to be more mobile friendly. As you all know, Blogger is free platform by Google that allows you to create a blog in a few seconds. Blogger gives you the platform to express yourself, views and opinions, just as long as it is not marked as abusive, or as a threat to others, or doesn't in any way go against Blogger's policy, then you would be just fine!

Ever since the launch of Blogger by Evans Williams in 23rd August 1999, Blogger has been the top choice when it comes to simply writting and sharing of one's ideas. But in all of these, it has been a pain in the ass when it comes to accessing Blogger's Admin Panel (or pages) on Mobile devices. Though, after the launch of Blogger, a quite of number of tricks has been discovered in making Blogger's Admin Panel more convienent for use on mobile devices, tricks like how to edit your template on mobile phone, move gadgets on mobile phone, embedding images on posts, and so many other hacks and tips. But to be sincere with you, no mobile user managing a Blogger site can confidently come out and tell you that he/she is able to edit or manage his/her Blogger site to his/her taste on mobile devices. And Thank Goodness, this nightmare might just be coming to an end very soon Blogger.

Just about some few days ago, Blogger upgraded its Android Blogger App from the old Google "Holo" design to something more pleasant. Though the upgrade didn't come along with any features but it was worth it!

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Just about now (as of the time of writting this article), in my Blogger Admin Panel, I noticed a new button just below the posts page, and you know feeling-optimistic as I were, I clicked the button and this was popped up.
Try the new Blogger

Blogger is gradually introducing some fresh pages that work well on mobile. Keep an eye in the coming months as these are rolled out. To start, check out stats, comments, and Theme.

New Blogger updates for Mobile device

Isn't this one of the best news we have heard on Blogger for the longest period of time? It seems to me that Blogger has finally heard the cry of mobile users.

My Reviews on the New Blogger updates for Mobile devices

As stated by Blogger, the new Blogger updates for mobile device have begun on Blogger stats, comments and Theme pages. The New Blogger updates for mobiles allows you to edit your Blogger template right from your smartphone. Yes! So as for those of you that has been searching for How to edit Blogger Template on your Mobile Phone with any app, then your search is over. You can now edit your Blogger Template at tap of your Android or iOS device without the aid of a Laptop or Personal Computer.

How to Edit Blogger Template on the New Blogger for Mobile update

As for the New Blogger stats and comments page, it comes reloaded with a design more elegant for mobile users.

New Blogger page designs for mobile

Incase you are still wondering how I switched from Blogger classic view to the New Blogger view. Here's how to!

How to switch from Classic Blogger to the New Blogger for Mobile

Login your Blogger account, after that click on "Posts" (just as if new want to view all your posts). Now scroll down, you will see a orange button saying, "Try the new the Blogger", click it. Just as seen in the image below.

How to Change from Classic Blogger to New Blogger

That's all! You are now in the New Blogger Page for Mobiles. And if you want to switch back to the old Classic Blogger view, all you have to do is click "Back to Classic Blogger", just as seen in the image below.

How to change from New Blogger for Mobile to old Classic Blogger
Just hang on a little while, in a few months from now Blogger will be fully compatible for mobile devices.

So what are you waiting for? Share the good news!!!
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