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As we all know, Jumia is one of the most reputable and best e-commerce site we have in Nigeria. Jumia was first launched in 2012 and ever since then, it has taken Nigerians on a bit of a ride.

In the computer age in which we find ourselves today, you can basically buy and shop anytime and anywhere with the aid of your smartphone.

"Oh! I just heard iPhone 11 has been launched in Nigeria, I have heard alot about the smartphone and I think it will do me alot of good in my business. Where do I purchase it and get it almost immediately delivered to my door step? Jumia!"

Now, you can see how it would be almost impossible to do away without e-commerce site. Yeah, yeah!

Jumia isn't just another e-commerce site where you just pay and buy stuffs, but you can as well make money. As a Jumia Affiliate you get a certain commission if an item or product is been purchased through your affiliate link.

How does this work? For example, you purchased a phone, let's say iPhone 11, for N350,000, through my Jumia Affiliate link, I would get upto 13% the price of the phone; So I should be getting not less than N35,000 for that sales. Isn't this a pretty easy money?

So that brings us to topic of the day. When I newly first joined Jumia Affiliate, I was having a couple of issues adding my affiliate referral link to a particular product I want to promote on my blog or on my social media accounts.

If you know what I mean, as a Jumia Affiliate, the first thing you do is advertise banners; and banners do not ever link to a particular product, it would always link you to a page with series of that particular product, maybe phones, tablets, accessories e.t.c.

And this not really helping! Do you know why?

Come to think of this. Imagine after talking so much about a particular product and eventually you want to link your audience to where he/she can purchase that particular product; you now use the banner display as your link. The visitor wouldn't be directed to that particular product page he/she wants to purchase, but a list full of other items. It's like you want to buy iPhone 11 and you are shown a list of phones? There's a slight chance that you would probably get pissed off and lose interest, and you wouldn't make your purchase again.

Just to remind you. It's not like as if it's a physical market, you know!

So here's how to generate a link for a particular product with your Jumia Affiliate referral code on Jumia.

How to generate your Affiliate Referral Link for a particular product on Jumia

STEP 1: Login your Jumia Affiliate account.

STEP 2: Now click on the three lines found at the top-right corner of the page.

STEP 3: You will see a list of options like, "Performance", "Advertising", "Payment" and "Support".

Jumia Affiliate Link Builder

STEP 4: Tap on 'Advertising', next, click on 'Link Builder' and when it reloads, select your country.

STEP 5: If you have the link of the page of which you want your affiliate referral code to be added; or you can do that by simply opening a new tab, then visit the current Jumia page of the particular product you want to link your audience to. Copy the link and paste it in the 'Jumia URL Page' option, just as seen in the screenshot below.

Jumia Affiliate Link Builder

STEP 6: In the 'Sub Affliate ID' option, enter your Jumia Affiliate ID code. If you don't know yours, you can find it in your image banner code.

STEP 7: A link will automatically be generated in the 'Generated URL' section. Copy it!

The new generated link address will be the URL you would share to your audience to purchase a particular product on Jumia. If any item is been purchased through the new generated link it will be counted. Good luck!

If you are having any issues or difficulty doing this, use the comment section, and most importantly don't forget to share this to help others.
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