How to get 75MB for N20 on MTN

MTN 75MB for N20

Incase you don't know, MTN recently introduced a new data plan for MTN Pulse tariff subscribers which gives 750MB for N300 and 1.5GB for N500. After this, what could you ever ask for again? Meanwhile...

As at the time of writting, just about a few days ago, I got an SMS from MTN that suggests a code to get 75MB for N20 only. If my calculations are right, so in a month you get 300MB for just N80? Yes! I repeat, you get a whooping 300MB for N80 in a month to browse your favourite websites, especially for those who loves chatting, "Now is a good time to chat at a low cost on MTN."

But before I get your hopes up. The SMS received was sent to my dummant MTN SIM card. So in other words, " you can I haven't used the SIM card to call or browse in a while... It probably should be upto three months or more, I guess."

Maybe this is MTN's way of getting subscribers to make use of their dummant MTN SIM cards. Anyways, it's working! And I will always say, "there is no qualms in trying it, it might just even work for you, you know!"

Now let's get to business!

How to get 75MB for N20 on MTN

It's simple. As long as you have upto 20 Naira on your MTN line, dial *131*10#;
Reply with 1 (for Autorenewal) or 2 (for one-off purchase). Just as seen in the early screenshot.

MTN 75MB for N20 code

Incase you don't what autorenewal is. What Autorenewal simply means is that, as soon your 75MB plan expires as at when due, it will automatically renew itself as long as you have upto N20 on your line.

NOTE: The MTN 75MB for N20 data plan is valid for 7 days/Week

If this worked for you drop your comments, and if it didn't, still do! But most importantly, share this article to your buddies online!
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