MTN New Revamped Welcome Back Offer, Get 6 times your recharge and a bonus data

MTN Welcome Back Offer

MTN recently revamped their Welcome Back Offer. If you an avid reader of this blog, you would know that before MTN Welcome Back Offer rewards special subscribers with 300% bonus and 150MB TGIF Data bonus. But now this is not the case; MTN has made some adjustments to the Welcome Back Offer (also be called WinBack Offer.)

The MTN Welcome Back Offer is for subscribers who has not used their line to call, make SMS, or browse for a certain period of time (as you read on, I will enlighten you more.)

The MTN Welcome Back Offer comes in two packages; One, you either get a recharge data bonus of equal value and a recharge voice bonus at 6 times your recharge, or you get a special data bundle. Infact, a subscriber can even be eligible for both!

For the purpose of this article, I will solely only be talking on the MTN Welcome Back 6 times recharge bonus + recharge data bonus offer.

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Yeah, yeah! Let's begin.

The MTN Welcome Back 6 times recharge voice bonus and recharge data bonus offer is for MTN subscribers who have spent 30 - 180 days on the network without making any revenue generating activity on their line.

Incase you are wondering what I meant by "revenue generating activity". If you have not made calls, sent SMS, browse, or in general, perform any activity that generates revenue on MTN for the past 30 - 180 days. If this fits your activity on your line, then you are eligible for this Welcome Back Offer. It's that simple?

Now that you know what this MTN Welcome Back Offer requires; How can you now start getting the goodies!?

How to get MTN New Revamped Welcome Back Recharge Voice and Data Bonus

To get this bonus, you must recharge your MTN line from only N50 to N1500 using only physical recharge cards (No VTU or Bank recharge. Please take note.)

When recharging, you must recharge using *161*#.

If you recharge;

  • N50 you will get 50MB and N300 Airtime Bonus (valid for 14 days).
  • N75 you will get 75MB and N450 Airtime Bonus (valid for 14 days).
  • N100 you will get 100MB and N600 Airtime Bonus (valid for 14 days).
  • N200 you will get 200MB and N1200 Airtime Bonus (valid for 30 days).
  • N400 you will get 400MB and N2400 Airtime Bonus (valid for 30 days).
  • N500 you will get 500MB and N3000 Airtime Bonus (valid for 30 days).
  • N750 you will get 750MB and N4500 Airtime Bonus (valid for 30 days).
  • N1000 you will get 1000MB and N6000 Airtime Bonus (valid for 30 days).
  • N1500 you will get 1500MB and N9000 Airtime Bonus (valid for 30 days).

Take a better glimpse!

MTN New Revamped Welcome Back Recharge Offer, Price and Validity

The calls made from the Welcome Back Recharge bonus will be charged at N45 per min (0.75K/sec) to all national networks. While SMS charge is N4 per page.

To check your MTN Welcome Back Recharge bonus, dial *151#.

Incase you are wondering if you can SHARE and SELL or Roam with your Welcome Back Recharge Bonus. Oops! Sorry, it can't shared neither can you roam with it. It's for you and just you alone.

If this article was helpful to you, please do share this article (just like the way I have taken a considerate amount of my time to write this information and share it with you.) Do the same! And don't forget to check out the Welcome Back Data Offer!!

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