Smile ValuePlus Data Plans gives you double data at low cost

Smile Nigeria

We all know Smile as one of the most reputable leading 4G LTE mobile brandband provider in Nigeria, and as well other African countries.

And just about recently, Smile has lived up to their name with the launch of a new data offer, the company calls this, Smile ValuePlus Data Plans.

What does Smile Value Data Plans has to offer?

Well, you will know-that as you read on. But in the mean time, let's see what the Managing Director of Smile Nigeria, Akin Alayoku, has to say about this.
"Smile will continue to bring value to its users as a long term strategy and bring explosive growth in mobile data usage. We will continue to innovate to meet the demands of users where mobile data is becoming a must-have that impact our daily lives and continuously exceed their expectations.” he said.

Indeed, the new Smile ValuePlus offer is one that brings real value to customers.

Now where did we stop. "Oh, I remember." Earlier, we were talking about the new Smile ValuePlus data plans and what it has to offer.

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With Smile ValuePlus offer, you get double data value (100% increase in data volume) at a very much affordable price. Yes!

Smile ValuePlus Data Plans and Price

Smile Nigeria ValuePlus Data Plans and Price

Instead of you getting the usual:
*. 2GB for N2000, you get 5GB for N3,000.

*. 3GB for N3000, you get 7GB for N4,00.

*. 5GB for N4000, you get 11GB for N5,000.

*. 7GB for N5000, you get 15GB for N6,000.

*. 10GB for N7500, you get 21GB at 8,000.

*. 15GB for N10000, you get a whooping 31GB for just N11,000.

Now, that you know why it's called ValuePlus, tell us what you think about it. Is it quite cheap and does rest put smile on your face??

If yes, comment and share this article to inform others about this new offer.
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