New OPay USSD Code | Make transactions without internet or data

Haven't you heard? You can now make transactions on OPay without internet services or data. All is just a code away!

Before on OPay, if you wanted to make transactions, withdraw, buy airtime, or even pay for TV subscriptions; You would have to log on the OPay app to do that (and that's if you even have an active data subscription.) But that's not the case anymore.

OPay has just introduced a USSD code that does all of that for you. So in other words, you can now send money or buy airtime on OPay without internet. You can even use your "Kpalasa" phone to make transactions!! Isn't this great?

OPay USSD Code

What can you do with the new OPay USSD code?

  • Send money: If you want to send money to another Opay Account or any local bank account.
  • Buy airtime: if you want to buy airtime for yourself or for a friend (it could be any network).
  • Deposit money: if you want deposit money into your OPay account.
  • Change pin: if you want to change your transaction Pin.
  • Help: if you need help.

What is the new OPay USSD Code and how can I use it?

It's pretty simple. All you have to do is dial *995# and it will prompt your registered OPay account number and balance. Then you are good to go!

From the looks of the flyer, it seems the OPay USSD code only supports MTN, Airtel and Etisalat subscribers. Probably it's going to take a little while before it's also available on Glo.

Incase you still haven't heard, OPay recently announced the launch of OCar, a ride service from the company that is here to give Nigerians the most affordable and convienent ride to anywhere in the country. What else could you ever ask for from OPay?

So tell us your take on this new services. Yeah or Nah?

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