How to get free 50MB daily data on Opera Mini and Opera News

Opera free browsing 2020

What's up people? I have this feeling already that the year 2020 will be a year of more free browsing and faster internet access. Infact, it has begun already.

About some few days ago (as of the time of writing), I noticed I could browse free on my Opera Mini browser. I couldn't tell exactly why I was able to browse for free, not until yesterday, when I started seeing the following popup message from Opera.

"Dear Customer, Your browsing session is sponsored by Opera to tune of 50MB daily. Thank You.

Here's the screenshot:

Opera Free 50MB Daily Data

I was like oh! Even after the prompt message I couldn't really tell how it worked, whether it worked on all SIM cards or anything, I only knew I was given free 50MB data daily.

Fast forward to today, Opera confirmed it on their official site. Now we know what's up!

Since the end of the year is approaching (infact, it's here already), Opera has decided to celebrate it in a grand style by giving Opera Mobile users free 50MB data daily to be used on apps like Opera Mini browser and the news app, Opera News. It seems as for now, the free 50MB data will only be for MTN and Airtel subscribers, and probably as time goes on other network operators will be included.

On top of this free browsing, you have a four times faster internet connection. To recall, about a month ago, Opera announced the installation of new local servers within the MDXi Lekki Data centre in Lagos, Nigeria. With the installation of this local servers, Opera has helped to improve browsing speed by four times.

Opera fast browsing

So what this means is that, if you use Opera Mini browser, Opera News app, or any related Opera Mobile app, you will be able download and browse the internet at a speed four times you used to.

How to get the free 50MB daily data on Opera Mini and Opera News

It's simple. If you using Opera News you don't have to do anything, just log on the app and you will be given 50MB automatically; but if you are on Opera Mini browser, all you have to do is just enable data savings (auto, extreme or high). That's all!


Which network operator supports Opera free data?

MTN and Airtel

How many free data do I get daily on Opera?

You get free 50MB data daily.

What can I use the Opera free 50MB data to do?

The free daily data can only be you be used to browse. You can't video stream or download any file with it, else, you will be charged out of your active data plan.

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