All you need to know about Metowork Referral Program, Earn N200 for every invite

When it comes to making money online it would almost be inveitable to not talk about "Referral programs".. In my own opinion, I will say it's one of the easiest and legitimate ways to make few bucks online. And funny enough, it's easy! All you have to do is refer someone, and you get a little token for it..

Now think of it. What if you referred hundreds of people?? Do the maths yourself!


Ever heard of Metowork? Metowork is an online market place where people can buy and sell a variety of digital services offered by freelancers. Services include writing, graphic design, video presenter, coding It's just like "Fiverr" (that should ring a bell, I guess?)

In this article, am going to be talking solely on Metowork referral program.

So What is Metowork Referral Program all about?

The word "Referral" already explains itself. When someone signs up on Metowork website using your referral link you get N200. Don't rejoice just yet. You need to have accumulated upto N2000 to be able to withdraw.

Hey! That shouldn't drive you off already. Did I also say to sign up for Metowork is free? So relax, you have got nothing to worry about (or no investment) to start making money from Metowork.

How can I register on Metowork?

It's simple! All you to do is click here (Metowork Registration Page), fill up the required information (i.e your name, username, phone number and email address). When your are done, click on Register Now.

Important! Now that you are registered on Metowork, an email will be sent to you to activate your account.

Within the email received from Metowork, you will see "Activate Your Account". Click it!

Hurray! You already a bonified member of Metowork. You will be given N200 to start with. Like I said earlier, you will need to have accumulated upto N2000 before you can withdraw money from your wallet. You can either get job offers on Metowork to increase your wallet. But I tell you, referral is the easiest and fastest way!

How can I get my referral link or ID on Metowork?

It's simple. All you to do is login your account, on your dashboard you will see your username and wallet balance, click it. Just as seen in the screenshot below.

Metowork Referral Program

From the list of options, click My Referral, it will prompt a drop down list, on the list click user referrals and your referral ID will be displayed.

How to withdraw on Metowork

It's the same process just like viewing your Referral ID, it's just that this time instead of clicking on My Referral you click on Withdraw. Just as seen in the above screenshot.

Note: Make sure your account details are filled correctly, as Metowork will not be responsible for any wrong account details entered by you. Take caution!

 In the enter amount section, enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Note: Again! Your withdrawal starts from two thousand naira (N2000) and above and you will only receive payment after the admin has approved your withdrawal.

Yeah! I guess you it's time we draw the curtains. I think I have pretty much said everything you need to know about Metowork referral program. Like said earlier, the referral program isn't the only means of making money from Metowork, you can write, do graphics, code, just as long as you know how to render those services, you will definitely see someone to hire you. And that's how you make money from Metowork!

I think I deserve an applaud for this! You think so? Share this article and drop your comments..

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