MTN Opera Data Plans, Subscription Codes and Price

MTN and Opera Data Plans

What's up guys?? MTN and Opera is at it again!!! Earlier this year, Opera introduced a 50MB daily free browsing offer for MTN and Airtel subscribers in Nigeria. As if that's not enough, Opera has collaborated with MTN to introduce three data plans for Opera Mini and Opera News users on the the network. Yes! You heard me right!!

These collaboration brings a daily plan of 25MB data for N20, 100MB weekly plan for N50, and 300MB monthly plan for N100. Looking at these data plans, am definitely sure alot is going through your mind now. You are having thoughts like,

"What am going to use this MTN Opera Data Plan for? It's too small.

How would 100MB last me for 30 days (1 month)??". Lol! Hear me out!

Less you forget, Opera apps has a built-in data saving capability that saves upto 90% bandwidth.

What do I mean? When it comes to most mobile browsers, they consume alot of bandwidth and cost. How would you explain browsing only three to four pages on those browsers and you have 3MB already gone down the drain? That's because those browsers don't compress webpages gotten from a server. Unlike Opera apps which comes compresses webpages at their high-speed-servers before rendering the page to your phone - saving you bandwidth and data.

I guess have answered your doubts already. So now you know it's going to take almost forever to exhaust your MTN Opera Data Bundle.

The Opera Data plans were made to give you the same amount of data you buy, but a lesser cost. So with MTN and Opera Data Plans you get "more value for your money" as they say.

So without further ado,

How to subscribe to MTN Opera Data Plans

– via USSD Code
  • It' simple. All you have to do is dial/call *131*3# from your phone
  • In a pop-up menu that appears, CHOOSE option 9 – Opera Mini & News
  • SELECT your choice of plan, 1 – Daily, 2 – Weekly, or 3 – Monthly

To activate this plan, you can also send it as an SMS to 131 with the following keywords to purchase your plans:

  • For the daily 25MB plan for N20, SMS the word “OBD” to 131
  • For the weekly 100MB plan for N50, SMS the word “OBW” to 131
  • For the monthly 300MB plan for N100, SMS the word “OBM” to 131

MTN Opera Data bundles

After successful activation, you will receive a confirmation SMS indicating that your data plan is now active and ready for use!!

You might be having some questions like;

Who is the Opera and MTN’s special data packages meant for?

It's for MTN subscribers that have Opera Mini or Opera News installed on their phone. If you are an MTN subscriber and you have any of these Opera apps, then you can purchase these data plans to browse the internet.

What are the list of Opera and MTN data packages available?

  • 25 MB for 20 Naira (valid for 1 day)
  • 100 MB for 50 Naira (valid for 7 days)
  • 300 MB for 100 Naira (valid for 30 days)

Can I use the MTN Opera data subscription to download?

No! These data plans can only be used for browsing.Video streaming and file downloads are charged out of your account balance or normal data bundle. The data plans promotion is available for Nigerian MTN subscribers. 

How can I check my MTN Opera Data Bundle?

It's simple. All you have to do is dial *131*4#.

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