How to get Racksterly to refund back your money

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Thank goodness I didn't share Racksterly here! You should know how these Online Ponzi Schemes are in Nigeria!? Recall, MMM?

If you are reading this article, then I am guessing you probably know about Racksterly already. For the purpose of those who haven't heard of Racksterly, I will telling you a few things about the income program and from there we will go to the business of the day.

About some few months ago, Racksterly used to the hottest income program in Nigeria. How would you explain earning double your-money by just sharing mere adverts daily on Facebook? Yeah! That was easy-it-were to make money on Racksterly about a couple months ago. Share and Earn.


Before they disabled all accounts, to be a part of Racksterly, you would have to subscribe to any of their four monthly plan.

Racksterly Monthly Plans and Price

As the time of writting, $1 is equivalent to N362.00

Racksterly Monthly Plans
  1. Dew Plan: It costed $18 (N6,516) to subscribe for this plan. This bundle gave you $1.2 (N434.4) daily when you advertise.
  2. Drizzle Plan: It costed $25 (N9,050) to opt-in for this plan. This bundle gave you $1.8 (N651.6) daily when you advertise.
  3. Storm Plan: It costed $45 (N16,290) to activate this plan. This plan gave you $3.5 (N1,260) daily when you advertise.
  4. Typhoon Plan: It costed $75 (N27,150) to subscribe for this plan. This bundle gave you $5.6 (N2,027.2) daily when you advertise.

You are tempted to go for the Storm and Drew Plan, right?? The higher your subscription the higher your daily income.

Here's the deal. After your subscription to any of the aforementioned plans, you will be able to login, and from the login menu, you will be given advertisement to share daily. There are series of advertisement to share. It ranges from smartphone, Jumia or Konga Products, Fashion, it could anything literally. When you share any of these ads on Facebook and it's liked by a minimum of one person, you will given your daily allowance based on your subscription.

Racksterly Achievements

As at the time Racksterly was functional, the company rewarded those who were able to achieve some certain fits like;

  1. When you get your first referral they reward you with $2.5
  2. Referring a friend on the same day you subscribed will get you $3
  3. Referring 10 people within a month subscription gets you $45
  4. Referring 20 people within a month subscription gets you $80
  5. Referring 50 people in a month subscription gets you $150
  6. Referring 100 people in a month subscription gets you $350
  7. Referring 3 friends in 1-month sub gets you $10
  8. Referring 2 persons on the day your sub ends gets you $9

Yeah! Yeah!! I think I have said alot for a company who isn't as transparent as it claims to be.

If you opted-in for any of Racksterly plans and you haven't been able to withdraw your money, I know how nerve-racking you must be feeling right now. With the suspense they got-everyone-on for not updating for a couple of days on what's going with their withdrawals, it's enough reason to be terrified and as well question the company's transparency.

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How to get Racksterly to refund back your money?

Or in other words,

How I made Racksterly refund back my money

To get my refunds back on Racksterly was very easy on my own part. As all accounts on Racskterly were already disabled, all I had to do was contact them and almost immediately (it was not even upto 3 minutes l) I was refunded!!

Racksterly Refunds

How to contact Racksterly

I have made the work easier for you. All you have to do is click here to visit their contact page; or you can find the contact link at the top or bottom of thier website.

On the contact page, you have four forms to fill; your name, subject, email address, and your message.

Racksterly contact page

In the name option, use the name you used to register for Racksterly. In the subject, you can put anything, but as for me I wrote "My login disabled. I want my refunds!!!". In the email address option, input the email address you used to register your Racksterly account (very important).

Finally, in the message option, I pleaded and gave them reasons to refund my money. I strongly advice you to try as much as possible to avoid harsh words. Looking it, your money is in thier custody and what can you do - rather than to plead for it.. When you are done, click on the contact us button. That was all I did, and instantly, I got an alert that have been credited by MEDAECON INVESTMENT LTD. Thank goodness!! My money was intact. Nothing less and nothing more (not even my daily allowance was added.)

Incase you were wondering if I was due for withdrawal, "No! I wasn't.." Please, hurry up and go and try this out before Racksterly finally shuts down!!! Because right now (as at the time of writing), all accounts on Racksterly have been disabled. Hurry!! Before it's too late.

Racksterly disabled account

Help share this article to help other Racksterlians!!!..

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  1. I did the same thing this morning, but before I did, I was already credited

  2. I tried now, but all I see is a floating screen with the Racksterly logo with nowhere to sign in nor even any hyperlink to print.

  3. It just the same disabled site that popped up

  4. If you are eligible for the refund to be issued, you will surely get it! Read their rules, terms and conditions attentively.

  5. I didn't receive my money back

  6. Did you have enough time before the shutdown? There are many unrealiable sources and online dissertation introduction writing help is unlike them.