Latest MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat 2020

MTN Free Airtime Cheat

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Search no more! Because after reading this article, you will have more than enough to call any network of choice. Yes!

This MTN free airtime cheat has been around for quite a while, and I must say, it has been super helpful.. Did I just say people have been using it for a while now? Yes! The truth be told. The reason why people don't share cheat anyhow is to keep the longevity of the cheat and to avoid it from been blocked early. Because once it's out in the open, definitely, your Internet Service Provider will know about it (and you know what that means?)

But anyways, thank goodness! You have guys like us. No matter what, we will always share it with everyone. It's better fun if we all enjoy it together!

Yeah! So if you are kind of person that enjoys calling and spends alot on airtime, then this cheat will come in handy. Now you can even talk to your whole relatives without a dime been spent.

So what's the trick behind this MTN new airtime cheat?

The mechanics behind this tweak is simple. All you have to do is join a MTN tariff plan that gives bonus for recharge, and as soon as you are given your bonus, you use it to call whosoever. After exhausting your bonus, you sell the airtime and get your money back, and afterwards you recharge again and get the same bonus.. Now, I hope understand what we will be doing here??

Features Of MTN Airtime Cheat

  • You can't transfer the airtime
  • It's unlimited
  • You can use it call all networks
  • The tweak can only be activated by MTN users
  • The activation fee for this airtime cheat starts from N1000 and above, depending on how much bonus you want receive. The higher your airtime, the higher your bonus.

How to activate MTN Unlimited Free Airtime Cheat

  1. First and foremost, get and MTN SIM and migrate to Beta Talk Tariff Plan. To migrate, simply dial *123*2*1# or SMS the word "BT" to 131.
  2. MTN Free Airtime Cheat
  3. Now, recharge the MTN line between the range of 1,000 Naira to 5,000 Naira. When you recharge N1,000 airtime, you get 2,500 Naira bonus to call all networks. What if you recharged N5,000? Do the maths! You get N12,000 airtime bonus.
  4. After your recharge and you have gotten your bonus, you can now call as you like, make sure you finish the bonus before moving to the next step (very important)
  5. Now that you have exhausted your bonus airtime, all you have to do is to convert your airtime in your main balance back to money/cash; or if you want to transfer your airtime, you can do that by migrating to MTN Pulse ( to migrate, dial *406#). Don't migrate if you haven't exhausted the bonus airtime or else it will be cleared.

  6. List of websites in Nigeria to convert airtime to money/cash

  7. After getting your cash, you can keep recharging between N1k to N5k to accumulate more bonus and afterwards you sell the initial airtime.
  8. To check your airtime bonus, simply dial *559*43#.


Recharge. Use the bonus. Sell the airtime. And that's how it goes on and on!

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