Latest MTN Free Unlimited Call Cheat 2020

MTN Free Call Cheat

Yeah! Yeah! Just like always, we are here with another tweak, MTN Free Call Cheat 2020. If you have been searching for "How to make calls for free on MTN in 2020", then you can just count today as your lucky day. After you are done reading this article, you will sure know how to activate MTN free unlimited call cheat.

Incase you missed on the MTN Airtime Cheat we posted earlier, I will suggest you check it out as soon as you are done reading this article. It's hot!!!

Though you would need to recharge on your line to activate the airtime cheat; but it's worth it! Yes? How would explain getting 12,000 Naira airtime bonus with just 5,000 Naira. To add to it, the airtime purchased to activate the unlimited airtime cheat, will still be intact. It's mind blowing, right?

Now to the topic of the day. MTN free call cheat in 2020 and how to activate it. Hang on a second, did I make mention that the free calling cheat can be used to call all network operators in Nigeria, and on top it, it requires almost nothing to activate asides a little patience on your side.

So without further ado,

How To Activate MTN Free Unlimited Call Cheat 2020

  • Firstly, you will have to get an MTN SIM that begins the following numbers; 081640****, 081641****, 081642****, 081643****, 090611****, 070630****, 080641****. If you don't have, you can as well purchase one, just make sure it begins with the any of the above prefix.
  • If you acquired the new SIM because of this cheat, you will have to register it, recharge and make calls on the new SIM card for about a two minute to fully activate it. But if you were just lucky enough to have any of your MTN SIM begin with any of the aforementioned prefix, I would assume you have been using it and it's already fully activated. So you don'tq have to worry about recharging. Proceed!
  • Now head over to your Phone Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operators then click on Search Networks
  • MTN Free call cheat settings
  • Then wait for the network search to complete. As it's done searching, you should see a list of available networks as seen below.
  • MTN Free Call Cheat 2020 settings
  • Amongst all the available network, choose any network to register on asides MTN
  • When you do, you will get an error message. Ignore it!
  • Now head over to your phone dialer and call any number you want of any network. When dialing the number add 999 to the front/prefix to the number. For example, 99908138761896. Do you get it? 999 + the number you want to call.
  • When calling you might get a response saying that "Number doesn't exist". Don't worry! Just head over back to your phone's settings again and choose another network available asides MTN.
  • Try calling the number again. If you stop getting such any error response, and you now faced with frequent hangup, then you have to keep redialing the number until it finally connects.
  • Why the hangup? It is caused by network congestion on 999.
  • That's all! Just make sure you don't select network operator again if it finally connects and you have started calling for free.

Enjoy!!! If you any difficulty activating this cheat, pls use the comment box. And lastly, "Hey, don't forget to share this!"

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