MTN Data Referral: Get 10% of whatsoever data your friend buys


I could remember about some few months back when MTN first introduced MyMTN App referral, it was the bomb!! It MADE some people's "months" during that period, because they got free data for every friend they could refer. When the person they invite downloads and logs the MyMTN App they get 200MB data instantly.

It's still working up till now, you are probably not hearing much about the offer any longer because everybody is OUT of who to refer. I, myself don't know who to refer any longer. Everyone on my contact list now seems to already have an MyMTN app account.

However, that's old story now, but in case you want to look up the details,

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If you pretty much enjoyed the MyMTN App referral offer, then MTN has got something just similar for you - MTN Data Referral. When you refer a friend who has not purchased data in the last 30 days, you get 10% of whatsoever data plan your friend buys and your friend gets 50% bonus instantly. Isn't this great news??

So when you invite a friend to buy/purchase a 10GB data plan, you get free 1GB data all to yourself that whole day. It's just like affiliate marketing, when someone buys a product through your refferral link you get paid a certain percentage of what the person buys. But in this case, you get data..

Let's do the maths!

    If you refer a friend and he/she purchases:
  • 7GB data plan you get 700MB
  • 1.5GB data bundle you get 150MB
  • 3GB data package you get 300MB

So you see, the higher the plan the person purchases, the higher data you get!!

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How to get 10% of the MTN data your friend buys

  • Download MyMTN App
  • After installing the app on your phone, sign in with your phone number.
  • When you are logged in, you will see a page like this..
myMTN App
  • Under the "QUICK ACCESS" option, click on "INVITE & GET FREE DATA". Just as seen in the picture above.
  • Now tap on "Data refferral" to switch from "App refferral" options
MyMTN App Data Referral
  • On the data refferral option, enter the number you want to invite
  • That's all! If the friend you refer buys through the SMS sent to his/her, you will get 10% of the data bought.

But wait a minute! How do you know if the person you want refer has bought data in the last 30days or not? Here's the trick!

How to know the MTN SIM that is eligible for MTN Data Referral

When you trying inviting a number, if you get an error message saying;
Sorry, 0816******** is not eligible for Data referral. You can only REFER customers who have not activated data in the last 30 days.

Something like this!

MTN Data Referral

Oops! That person has purchased a data plan in the last 30days. Then that means you will have to invite another number. If that new person you are inviting hasn't bought a data bundle in the last 30 days, you won't get an error message.

I hope you find this helps!! To make this more interesting and a way of saying thank you, I don't mind you sharing with me your MTN numbers that you haven't bought a data plan in a month, so I can invite you and when you purchase a data plan, we both get something.. Lol! Thanks in advance!!!

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