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The year 2020 took off with Glo Unlimited Free Browsing cheat that rocked for some months until it was finally blocked. But here's a good news! We have come up with another cheat, this one is tagged with "Glo Unlimited YourFreedom VPN cheat". The cheat has been around for some time now, and as we speak, some guys are making are whole alot of money selling this freebrowsing cheat. But as you all know by now, selling cheat doesn't really go down well for me. I love sharing, and that's what I intend doing in this article..

Just incase you haven't heard of YourFreedom VPN

What is YourFreedom VPN?

YourFreedom is an all in one VPN tunnelling, proxy bypassing and firewall app. Features include;

  • Simple user experience and interface
  • Ads free
  • Fast connection
  • Easy to use
  • large Protocols, DNS, UDP, Https e.t.c

Before we begin, the following are the list of things you need.

  • A Premium YourFreedom VPN account
  • YourFreedom Config file - DOWNLOAD HERE
  • A Glo 0 .0 KB 3/4G SIM (A 4G SIM prefferably, to enjoy maximum speed.)
  • YourFreedom VPN Client Android app - DOWNLOAD HERE

Without further ado, let's get down to business..

How to Activate Latest Glo Unlimited Free Browsing on YourFreedom VPN

  • First off, download the YourFreedom VPN app
  • Visit website and create an account with them.
  • After you have created an account with them, subscribe to the MobilePlus plan. It cost $2 and payment can only be made through PayPal.
  • YourFreedom VPN
  • Next , install and launch the YourFreedom VPN app you downloaded, click on Configure > Account, then input your registration details (the username and password of the account you recently created.)
  • Now, Launch YourFreedom VPN and click on Configure > Backup / Restore > Load Config (when you click on load config, locate/find the downloaded config file and import it.)
  • Now go back to the homepage and tap on Start Connection. It will connect in less than 15secs or so. As soon as it's connected you can now start downloading and streaming unlimitedly!!
YourFreedom VPN

If you want to test and confirm this cheat, there's a one hour unlimited free trial for mobile account holders. Here's how it works.

How to activate Glo YourFreedom VPN Cheat without MobilePlus Premium Subscription

  • Create an account, wait for up to 1 hour and log in ( just like the aforementioned steps above)
  • Click on start connection and allow it to connect using a data enabled SIM.
  • After it has connected, scroll to Configure > Shop to view all available plans on YourFreedom VPN
  • Just below the mobileplus plan, you'll be given 1hour free access to the yourfreedom VPN mobile plan.
  • Now you can switch your data SIM to Glo and click on CONNECT to enjoy 1 hour unlimited free browsing on Glo.

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How to make your Glo data connection active

As you all know, without data on your Glo SIM, your data connection won't be active; and these might likely affect your browsing experience. So we have come up with a trick to make your data connection active.

All you have to do is Download Glo Cafe app via play store and then sign in with your Glo number.

Using the app, subscribe to the Glo 1GB for N100 Night plan valid for 5 days. All you have to do is click on Data Packs on the main page, then scroll down till you find the aforementioned night bundle, and then subscribe.

After successful subscription, your data connection will come alive; and if you are lucky, your data connection will still be left activate after your data has expired.

If you found this article helpful, share it to inform others. Enjoy!!!

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