MTN 4me Offer: Get the Cheapest Data and Recharge Offer

MTN 4ME Offer has bring around for almost a year now. The offer include MTN Top Deals 4ME, Recharge Offers 4ME, Data Offers 4ME and COMBOS Bundles 4ME. This package is for everyone, as long as you an MTN subscriber you are a partaker of this bonus package, though you might not get as much as the other MTN subscriber next to you, but for sure you will definitely have something to keep you smiling or at least get an offer that you don't see everyday.

MTN 4ME Offers

MTN 4ME Offer has been around for quite a while, right?? So suddenly, why is it now the talk of the town? As at the time MTN 4ME Offer was first introduced, the offers wasn't that exicting not until recently when MTN increased the data volume. And boom! It took off! So I decided to update this post with the new offers.

Like I said earlier, MTN 4ME Offers is unique to every MTN subscriber; so your 6GB data for N2000 can be my own 3GB for N1500, or you might not even get as much as that!

MTN 4ME Offer comes in four categories:

  • MTN Top Deals 4ME: This option showcases the best offer you are eligible for. For example, if you are eligible for MTN 6GB for N2000 and 200MB for N50. Which do you think will be displayed as your "Top Deal Offer"? You are right! The 6GB for 2000 Naira will be displayed..
  • MTN Data Offers 4me: This package comes with amazing data offers, it could be a usual data (you can see offers like: 6GB for N2000, 1.5GB for N300, 1GB for N200, 700MB for N300, 200MB for N50, 75MB for N50.) or a social bundle data (it can either be for Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook.)
  • MTN data offers 4me
  • MTN Recharge Offers 4me: This package is associated with MTN AWUF4U Airtime, it gives you five times your recharge to call all networks. A friend of mine was eligible to get N2000 for N400 and N1000 for N200. So it shouldn't come as a suprise if your own offer is different.
  • MTN Combo Offers 4me: This package combines both the Data and Recharge offers. When last I checked, I was eligible for 200MB + 24mins call and 300MB + 40mins call.

How to activate MTN 4ME Offer?

It's simple. All you have to do is dial *121#.

How to check your MTN 4ME Offer Data Balance ?

Dial *131*4#.

Don't forget to share this article. So tell us, which data 4ME offer were you eligible for??

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