MnaMoney Review: Earn upto $150 (N55,050) in less than an hour

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Have you have been searching for a means to earn fast money online? How to make online money during the CoVID-19 Pandemic? You are at the right place. Especially in this era when we are faced with the Corona Virus Pandemic, this is the perfect time to make a whole of money at the comfort of your home without stepping an inch outside..

I have been seen alot of tweets and post of people complaining about staying indoor, some say it leads to boredom and while others say 'they are broke'.. Literally speaking, how can you make money when you are just confined to a place? So I thought of it, how about I share a little secret of how lots of people are making-ends-meet and not move an inch from their homes; Why some people seem not to be bothered about the lockdown in thier country..Okay! Okay! I am saying to much already. So here's my little secret of how I made more than $150 in less than an hour.

Introducing MnaMoney, a advertising company that gives you money on just viewing ad units and attracting refferrals. So good to be true, right?? How about you see this for yourself before reading on.

mna-money-1 mna-money-2 mna-money-3

Are you still having double doubts about MnaMoney? Obviously not, right? So let's continue.

On watching commerical advertisement, MnaMoney credits upto 10% to your account for an ad display unit; and not just that, you also get 50% of your refferrals earnings transferred to your account. With these bonuses, it will cost you almost no hassle to earn money on MnaMoney.

On MnaMiney your earnings are practically unlimited and depend on the time you spend in front of your PC. Working on the average 2-3 hours a day, you can get paid from 50$ to 300$ or even more to your account.

All earned funds are saved in the personal account of the employee and are paid to your bank card or electronic account upon the request in your account within 1 hour.

So how does it work,

How do I earn money on MnaMoney?

Step 1: You to have register on MnaMoney using this link (MnaMoney Registeration link - click here)

Step 2: After you have registered, you will be logged in as a member. Now on your dashboard (found at the middle-top of the website), click on "User area".. just as seen in the screenshot below.


Step 3: On the "User area" page, you will see your name, account balance, your referral link to share with your friends, and a button that says "START WATCHING PAYED ADS".


Wait a minute! In MnaMoney, you are given two options to earn money, either by watching payed ads (which can obviously be tiring. As it takes a bit of time and stress to accumulate), or sharing your referral link and earning 50% from your referrals earnings (unarguably the fastest and easiest way to earn on MnaMoney). A friend of mine earned upto $275.23 (approximately equivalent to N101,000) with just 5 refferals..

See proof:


So it's left for you to decide which earning method works for you. Spend an hour or so making about $150 by watching payed ads, or in a few minutes accumulate upto $150 with just 5 refferals? You decide.

How do I make money from watching payed ads?


On Step 3, you saw a button that says "START WATCHING PAYED ADS". Click it. On the new page you will be redirected to, you will see a three digit code above and some series of ads unit below. All you have to do is continuously input the series of three-digit-code you will be given as a couple of different ads unit displays. As you do so watch your account balance accumulate!

How do I make money on MnaMoney through referrals?

This idea is self explanatory. All you to do is share your refferral link (as seen in Step3) and by so doing, you get 50% of what refferals earns. It's that simple!!

How to withdraw your money on MnaMoney

Just as seen in the photos above, in the "User Login" options you have the "withdraw money" link in a red bold font. Payment options on MnaMoney include Bank Transfer, PayPal, Wester Union, and Bitcoin.

So start earning today from the comfort of your house. I hope this helps during the lockdown. Pls don't forget to share this. You might just save someone that is desperately in need of money out there. Take care and most importantly, stay indoors.

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