Samsung Max VPN Settings to power all apps with your Opera Mini Data Plan

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Just at the dawn of the year, Opera teamed with MTN to come up with a three special plan exclusively on Opera Mini and Opera News. The following plans include daily 25MB for N20, weekly 100MB for N50, and monthly 300MB for N100 plan.

The data plans might seem like something that you can consume almost immediately, but I can tell you in this scenario, "the looks can be decieving". With Opera built-in data savings feature with upto 90% savings, it almost impossible to be able to exhaust the data bundle at a go.

The MTN Opera Data Plan is everything you can ever request for from a data package. It's fast, it saves data, but! It's restricted to only Opera Mini and Opera News application. So in other words, the data can only be used on the aforementioned apps (it doesn't even support non "Mini" Opera browsers), it can't be use to browse on Chrome, Facebook, WhatsApp e.t.c

And that's where Samsung Max VPN comes into play!

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What is Samsung Max VPN?

Samsung Max VPN is a replacement to Opera Max. The app notifies you about apps on your phone that consumes data. It can also be useful in compressing videos, images, music, documents And lastly, with Samsung Max VPN, you can be able to use your Opera Data Bundle to browse and power other apps on your phone.

So without further ado,

How to browse all apps with Opera Mini and Opera News Data Bundle

First off, these are what you will need..

Now let's get started!

1. After you have opted-in to any of the Opera Data Plans (prefferably, the monthly 100 for 300MB data plan)

2. Now, install and launch the Samsung Max VPN app you just downloaded

3. Next, upgrade to the Premium plan and click on CONNECT,

4. Now, Tick the "Mobile data saving mode" options,

Samsung max vpn

5. Minimize the app and give it about 5 to 10 seconds to fully CONNECT.

That's all. This tweak can also be used on your PC/Laptop. However, using the Opera Data Bundle on other apps is likely to consume the data way much faster as compared to using it only on Opera Mini and Opera News.

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