How To Get Free 1GB Data Every Day on Airtel

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic virus, Airtel has not relented in making every bit of our time at home a memorable one; Starting from the daily free SMS bonus to all networks, to the free 1GB data via MyAirtel App, or the free 3GB data via Airtel TV app.

And now, we have got something even way better.. How about getting 1GB Data Free every day on your Airtel line?

To good to be true, right? Well, you will find out as you read on!

Just yesterday (as at the time of writing this), Airtel took to her Twitter page to introduce a new offer that gives you a whooping 1GB data daily for free..

Free 1GB daily on Airtel 4G Mifi

These offer is strictly for Airtel broadband users. Do you surf the internet via Airtel 4G MiFi? Then this is for you.

Hey, don't give up already if you are not using Airtel 4G Router, as you read on you will know what this offer entails, and as soon as you do, I won't be the one telling you to get your own Airtel 4G MIFI via JUMIA Nigeria.

How To Get Airtel Free 1GB Data Every Day On Your Airtel 4G MIFI

So here's the deal. When you subscribe to any data plan on your Airtel MiFi and you exhaust all the data before the expiry/validity date, you will be given free 1GB every day till the day your subscription bundle expires..

What do I mean? For example, you purchased to the N10,000 Airtel Mifi bundle that gives you 15GB data valid for 30 days.

Let's say you subscribed to the plan on the 1st of June, by the 6th of June, you finished your 15GB data.

What happens? Starting from the 7th of June (which is the next day), you will get 1GB data for free, you will continue to get the free 1GB data till the 1st of May (the expiry date of your bundle). Isn't this great news??

Asides this offer, Airtel 4G Mifi might just be what you need to improve your social life, and ultimately, enchance your business growth, especially if your type of business depends on the internet like mine does. Blogging!

Airtel 4G Mifi Price in Nigeria - Where to buy

Airtel 4G Mifi comes in two options, the 25,000 Naira bulky one with free 160GB valid for 30days, or the 12,000 Naira pocket friendly one with free 55GB data valid for 1 month. To get any of the 4G Mifi at the best rate, check out JUMIA Nigeria (click here now!)

Airtel 4G Mifi Key Specs

  • 4G LTE Router with Wi-Fi
  • Single Sim-Slot
  • One Micro SD slot
  • Micro USC Port & Cable
  • Support Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
  • Long lasting 3000mAh battery
  • Up to 8 hours battery life
  • Comes with free data valid for 30 days
  • MiFi now includes WPS push button for ease of connection.
  • Support Multiple Users at the same time
  • Connects up to 10 WiFi enabled devices at once.
  • Able to connect with Tablet, PC, Notebook and any other types of Wi-Fi Devices.

Airtel Mifi Data Plans and Price

PriceDataExpiry Date

How to subscribe to Airtel MiFi Bundles

It's simple. All you to do is head over to from your web browser and activate your desired Mifi plan; or you can dial *370# on your smartphone. And right way, it will done.

I hope this helps. If you have got any question, feel free to use the comment box. And most importantly, don't forget to share this.

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